Cannes celebrates Belgian cinema

  • 24.04.2012

For Wallimage, with five films selected in four sections of the 2012 Cannes Festival, it is one of its best performances thus far.

During the conference, Philippe Reynaert, as director of the regional funds (Bruxellimage is a partner of one of the selected films), especially wanted to highlight the lively character of all components of our audiovisual sector: daring producers, directors commanding respect, actors touching our heartstrings, more and more renowned technicians and the service companies specialised in post-production, sound, special effects, animation…

The convergence of this talent is responsible for the unbelievable success of our cinema abroad. No need to be finicky : showcasing that many (co-)productions at the biggest festival in the world is not given to just any country. Especially not during a year when neither the Dardenne Brothers nor Bouli Lanners have a film out.

When art livens up the economic activity it has to be said. Congratulations are in order as well!

You can view Philippe Reynaert’s intervention here.