Crewbooking, the missing link

  • 22.05.2020

Composing the ideal team for a shooting, organizing an event or managing a show is never easy The best technicians always have their schedules filled up well in advance and if one of their jobs is cancelled at the last minute, they may not have the time or the means to notify other producers who might be interested in their services. Add to these basic realities, the constraints related to federal and regional aid to obtain maximum support from structures like Wallimage and you will understand that this work is restrictive, complicated and often frustrating.

The problem is the same for technicians who are often contacted unnecessarily for work that they have no possibility of doing.

But that was before !


Initiated by Laurent Hirtz, joined by Cédric Huet, Arnaud Claes and Sébastien Rensonnet, Crewbooking is a tool that immediately seemed ideal to connect professionals, optimize their networks and improve their daily life. Overall, it simplifies the life of all those who work in the audiovisual, entertainment and event industries. No more wasting time, no more frustration of searching for hours without results !

Crewbooking is a powerful collaborative platform, patiently refined and now ready to make its official appearance. Especially since the period is probably even more complicated than usual for all professionals in the sectors concerned.

By concentrating powerful tools in a single platform, Crewbooking is undoubtedly revolutionizing the global management of one-off assignments. Communication and interactions between professionals are simpler, faster, more direct and efficient. This will save everyone time and effort.
Available on computer, but also on smartphone, the platform allows you to create a complete profile to enhance your skills, find connections and communicate.

A production manager will be able to check at a glance the availability of his privileged contacts, identify new ones, gather administrative documents in one place in complete security, generate adapted roadmaps that can be consulted via the application (no more emails in all directions) and follow up on his various projects directly in the field or in the office. A technician will be able to manage the different job proposals that are submitted to him, synchronize his agendas and share his schedule if he wishes (but this is the basis of the system).


For the moment 4000 technicians are already referenced on Crewbooking, 375 bookers are active, 26400 bookings are proposed on 2250 projects and a total of 150.000 working hours. Even before the platform went truly viral. Not bad, right ? For the technicians the registration is free, only the bookers will pay a monthly fee, but considering the time saving, it is a gift.  Especially since it’s free for everyone until January.

Crewbooking has the ambition to quickly become THE platform for the audiovisual, entertainment and event industry. This is essential because its maximum effectiveness will be guaranteed by its exclusivity on specific territories. We believe it has the means to do so, but it’s up to you to make the most of it. Official launch this Friday, May 22.

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