Do you need to know this to produce a format pilot?

  • 25.10.2017

Some pilots have already been shot, others are in production. But exceptionally, one of these pilots has been chosen by RTL-TVI to become a prime time evening. It will be broadcast this Sunday, October 29 at 20:40.

“Do you need to know this for the exam?” is a humorous and interactive course where Luc Gilson invites a very offbeat expert to come and talk about a topic during each show. Viewers will learn a lot about popular culture, all in a humorous way. For this first program, Olivier Leborgne will give a lecture on a subject that is very important to him: games and toys.

For this line, Wallimage invests up to 40.000 euros, representing 80% of the Walloon expenses agreed by the producer. It is up to the project owner to raise the rest of the money to shoot a pilot that will allow him to seduce a broadcaster much more surely than an idea simply thrown on paper.

The 3rd call for projects was launched at MIP Cannes last Monday and more than a dozen producers have already expressed their interest in presenting a new concept during this final session of 2017. The complete rules of this call are available on the mini-site

At Wallimage, Katty Welkenhuyzen is in charge of the development of these pilots and supervises the producers before the submission of the files and during the whole production process. Contact: