Eight Walloon companies obtain for the 1st time the Walloon Gold AV Provider label.

  • 28.02.2019

As we announced to the profession back in October, certain Walloon audiovisual companies that meet very specific conditions can now apply to Wallimage for an annual ” Walloon Gold AV Provider ” label.


This label is not intended to privilege certain companies at the expense of others, but to facilitate the examination of expenses for certain large structures active in the field of post-production. Streamlining the work for our verification teams, but also for the producers and providers themselves.


To obtain this label, companies had to have their registered office and main operating office in Wallonia and meet a series of conditions that you will find in our regulations available here.


After examining the various files submitted this year, Wallimage decided to award the 2018 label to eight companies which are, in alphabetical order, Benuts, Digital District, Dreamwall, Genval-les-Dames, L’Autre Compagnie, Mikros Image, Studio l’Équipe Wallonie and Waooh!


For an entire year, invoices issued by these companies are considered 100% eligible without any further proof required. Provided, of course, that they were issued during the validity period of the label. This label is valid for twelve months and must be applied for at the end of the calendar year.


It should be emphasized that the spirit of this measure is to make eligible all teams working regularly for labeled companies, without having to justify the duration of the contract or domicile. There is no question here of making artificially eligible any technical service provider foreign to the core business of the labeled company, by having the invoicing of its activities go through this company.

A measure intended, therefore, to simplify the work of all by leaving more time to each one to work on its fields of competence !