First session for the Wallimage/Bruxellimage line

  • 16.07.2009

No less than 21 bids were submitted for analysis by the Wallimage Board of Directors within the framework of the brand new investment line ‘Wallimage/Bruxellimage’, co-financed by the Walloon and Brussels Regions! Among these, 6 projects were accepted, they will receive financing for sums between €150,000 and €200,000. They are: Noir Océan by Marion Hansel, presented by Man’s Films, Sans queue ni tête by Jeanne Labrune, presented by Artémis and Opération Weed by Frédérich Sojcher, presented by Saga. Also accepted are two Flemish first feature films: Swooni by Kaat Beels, presented by Eyework and Rundskop by Michael R. Roskam, presented by Savage Productions. Last, but not least, comes Black Heart, White Men, a documentary series directed by Samuel Tilman and presented by Eklektik Productions completes a really … eclectic chart.