Ken Loach side to side with Sam Raimi

  • 03.06.2009

Supported by a more than enthusiast press, Looking for Eric made its entry at the box office a success in France. Appropriately released on a Wednesday when no other blockbusters came out, the social comedy by Ken Loach almost kept the pace with Drag me to Hell, Sam Raimi’s newest feature, much awaited by his die-hard fans.

170,003 viewers this week laughed with Éric “I’m not a man” Cantona. The word of mouth is also working great, so those numbers should not go down. Especially because, and this is a rare happening, the number of cinemas showing the film augmented from 331 to 374.

Looking for Eric, which received the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Cannes (and bizarrely, this was hardly mentioned), is released next week over here, on Wednesday the 10th!