Knock knock, who’s there? The CrossMedia investment line!

  • 07.11.2012

A series of capsule films made by duo Charlie Dupont and Philippe Bourgueil, “Qui est là?”, made a successful bid during the last session in 2012. Filmed in a studio, these films are available in the Appstore to be viewed on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. In France, they are also broadcast during Arthur’s shows and a few are available on YouTube to increase the project’s visibility.

While waiting for the shoot of a second series, the creators will also edit Qui est là on the Android platform, which is rapidly gaining terrain, especially in the smartphone domain. The CrossMedia application will allow everyone to film and edit their own Qui est là capsule and publish it. To achieve this, a rather revolutionary technique must be developed. This will be done by Tapptic/Screenity … Wallimage-Entreprises just recently entered the capital of this company.

Everything is everything and the other way around … and most importantly more proof that the investments made by the divisions of Walloon fund are coherent and capable of giving a new dynamic to the economic network of audiovisual companies in Wallonia.