Who is there? The Crossmedia Line "Experiences"!

  • 07.11.2012

Winner of the 2012 final session, Qui est là is a series of humorous vignettes created by the duo Charlie Dupont and Philippe Bourgueil. Filmed in studio, they are available on the AppStore and can be viewed on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. In France, they are also broadcasted in Arthur’s shows and some of them can be found on Youtube in order to increase the visibility of the project.

While waiting for the shooting of a second salvo, the designers will decline Who is There in the world of Android, which is growing at a great speed, especially in the smartphone segment. The crossmedia project will also give everyone the opportunity to film and edit their own Who’s Who and publish it. This part requires the development of a rather revolutionary technique which will be taken care of by the company Tapptic/Screenity… of which Wallimage-Entreprises has just very recently integrated the capital.

Everything is in everything and vice versa… which is above all the proof that the investments of the different axes of the Walloon fund are coherent and able to dynamize the whole economic fabric of audiovisual companies. CQFD!