Le Moulin Numerique wins Golden Eyes Award.

  • 24.11.2005

As we already mentioned last September, the Moulin Numérique, an innovating company supported by Wallimage, has opened in Epraves, in delightfully rural settings. But their sights are resolutely on the future.

Less than two months since their opening, the company sees its efforts already rewarded: it received a Golden Eyes Award during the 11th edition of the ACF (Audiovisual Creative Fair) which took place in Brussels (Expo Hall) from November 16th to 19th. Since its inception in 1986, the Fair has been the occasion for all sound and image professionals to discover the soon-to-be hot new equipment in all audiovisual fields.

The Moulin Numérique was rewarded for its work in special effects and montage images for educational and scientific films.
At the fair, the Rochefort-based company presented examples of digital sfx – such as 3D matte-painting, Increased Reality and Camera Mapping – as well as montage images, all of this in HD. All these had been completed for scientific and historic documentaries, as part of the first commissions the company had been awarded.

The jury paid special attention to the innovating character of the work, some of which was the result of R and D cooperation with the Belgian university research institutions.

This is certainly one further argument for the advocates of a leading-edge Walloon industry that could very well be one of the essential axles of the region’s revival.