The winners of the Wallimage Gaming 1/2023 call for projects have been announced!

The suspense is over for the first Wallimage Gaming call for projects in 2023!
After a rigorous process, from the submission of applications to the Walloon Government, via our decentralized Coproduction Council, the winners of this record-breaking session are now known.
  • 16.01.2024

Record spinoffs!

We received 18 applications for a total funding request of €2M. Based on the fund’s criteria, 8 projects were selected, representing a total investment of €890K and promised expenditure in Wallonia of €5.5M, i.e. an economic impact rate of 626%.
Further proof of the effectiveness of the Wallimage system!

The lucky winners

Time for projects!

In pre-production :

5 projects selected for a total of €190K.

Congratulations to the project leaders: Aberratic, Arnaud Jopart Creative, OptizOnion and Arteam Interactive.

In production :

4 projects selected for a total of €700K.

Congratulations to Apophenia 23, WildBishop, Maracas Studios and Fishing Cactus.