Let's not play with our future

  • 13.12.2021

Let’s think about the environmental and societal impacts of gaming


In the last three years, Wallimage has evolved and grown : new departments, new support lines, new management. Growing is a legitimate evolution for any company. But it must be done with relevance, responding to the needs and necessities of our time. Attentive to the impacts of its activities, Wallimage directs its general policy in this direction.


This year, we implemented a program to verify our co-production investments, which is explained in our guide to supporting sustainable productions.

Our efforts do not stop there : we have also started to raise awareness among Walloon technical service providers and organized two Green Manager training sessions for the AV sector.

This is just the beginning!


The future is not (just) a game


The brand new Wallimage Gaming line is an excellent opportunity to export our concerns in a fast developing sector. Our investments in this area will therefore be partly linked to the willingness of project developers to respect our environment, but also toencourage the most basicdiversity.

There are several key aspects that can be addressed at the project design stage. Here are some examples : Is the building you occupy properly insulated? What is the source of the resources used? What about your energy and environmentalbalances? Have you considered gender equality in “your worker recruitment process”? What do you plan to do to raise awareness of these issues among your production teams?

The list of questions you need to ask as a producer of entertainment content in a male-dominated industry is long and crucial as our individual responsibilities become more critical.


Administrative procedure


When you submit your gaming application, we will ask you toinclude a one-page note describing the steps you have taken or will take in terms of sustainability.


To help you develop an effective long-term strategy, we offer a few sources at your disposal :


All these steps are essential and we will frame them to offer a more sustainable world to future generations of gamers, together!