Lulu the turtle arrives on our screens

  • 19.10.2010

Romanticized a posteriori (or not), the birth of Lulu’s literary adventures is a little marvel, pure Piccouly:
“Lulu” is simply the name of the little turtle my daughter Marie had when we lived in the country. I had made a ‘torturium’ outside the house. One day, she disappeared. I had to tell my daughter, who was 3 years old at the time, why she was gone. I explained to her that Lulu had gone on adventures. My daughter, very appropriately, said, “Just tell me about them.” So I started to write a first story about Lulu who lost her shell and I talked about it around me. The Magnard publishing house was interested and introduced me to Frédéric Pillot, who drew Lulu as I could imagine. As soon as he found her little pigtails, I said, “That’s it! “

The stories all revolve around nature. Animals live in the forest, woods and meadows. But, anthropomorphism obliges, they go to school and react like children with fears and desires. The idea of interracial solidarity is omnipresent. The animated version of course keeps the plots and, good news for parents, the double or triple meaning names of the characters that always make you smile, sometimes laugh.

Published by Magnard since 2002, the adventures of Lulu Vroumette have already sold more than 130,000 copies in France and Belgium, but also in Spain and Portugal… The first TV edition has 52 episodes of 13 minutes.

Co-produced in Belgium by Aranéo, the series allowed a team of Walloon artists gathered in the Carolingian studios Dreamwall to work on a long-term project that has all the trappings of a future classic: Stéphane Dutoo (Head of Animation), Marc Urlus (3D Activity Supervisor) and the animators Michel Lefevre, Valentin Legrand, Olivier Paternoster, Grégory Coppet, Mauricio Garcia Killian Meliany, Patricia Elia, Damien Hendricks, Nicolas Mossoux will now have a nice line on their CV.