Mute & Solo : a new mixing studio in Wallonia

  • 25.03.2016

This is the case of Mute and solo directed by Franco Piscopo; a 5.1/7.1 mixing studio that has just set up in Rixensart (18 avenue B. van Beethoven – Tel: 02 538 62 95) and is therefore fully eligible for Wallimage for all producers who would like to work with him.

Mute and solo offers a mixing auditorium (Studio BW) designed for mixing feature films, documentaries or animation for all formats (Dolby, DTS, DCP, BD-R, DVD, TV) in 5.1 or 7.1

Built around two coupled digital mixing consoles, and managing 320 channel/input full processing, the studio allows to work comfortably either with two mixers or with one mixer.
The acoustics of the studio have been worked on in order to meet the “THX” and “Dolby” standards.

If you are a specialist and are interested in technical details, here are some specifications that should help you make a choice:

-Studio of 180m3, acoustically treated to “THX” and “Dolby” standards. -Dolby Labs compliant listening: 5.1 and 7.1 cinema listening consisting of:
3 HP LCR JBL3678,
1 subwoofer JBL4645C,
8 HP surround JBL8320,
Listening processing dbx with ISO curve,
Crown CT Series Bi-Amp

-Two Soundtracs DS00 mixing consoles coupled (64 fader, 320 Inputs, 64 Bus Output, 22 AUX mono or 11 AUX Stereo). Full Automation. Full Processing (EQ/COMP/GATE/LIM).
-Playback of sounds from two Pro Tools HD: 1ProTools HD6 Accel (128 outputs) and 1 Pro Tools HD6 Accel (128 outputs).
-8 LCD 27″ computer screens to allow the simultaneous display of a very large number of tracks and/or plug-ins from the Protocol players.
-Pro Tools Plug-Ins: Altiverb 7, VSS3, Unwrap, Oxford, Waves, FabFilters
-Computer and dedicated screen for Flux Analyser (Peakmeter / Analyzer)
-Recording 64 tracks on a Pro Tools HD3 recorder and dedicated screen for Peakmeter RTW.
-Monitor Control via Neyrinck V-MON.
-HD projection by Panasonic DLP HD projector with high luminosity (6000 lumen).
– Sound Synchronised Screen” projection screen, acoustically transparent, 4.5m base.
-Air conditioning
-Image playback from a digital 1080P HD image on hard disk.
-Three TC Electronic System 6000 reverbs.
-CEDAR DNS2000 noise reducer with automated control. -Additional external devices (reverbs, Boom Box, analog compressors, analog De-Esser…)