Pole position for Liège

  • 10.12.2010

On Friday morning it was Jean-Claude Marcourt, minister for the Economy, SMEs, Foreign Trade an New Technologies, which are all competences directly related to this event, who inaugurated the new building of the Pôle Image de Liège.

This rather impressive setting will be the home for a variety of companies with one point in common: they work with images: filming, multimedia, production, 3D animation, design, graphic design, synthesis images, post-production, computer development, sound… In other words, this place is like no other, it is practical and easily accessible, and will facilitate setting up partnerships essential for the individual development of the companies and the collective growth of an entire section of the Walloon audiovisual world.
Wallimage-Entreprises, now stakeholders in the Pôle, will also have an office on the premises, to assist its partners with their development.