Liege in Pole position

  • 10.12.2010

This Friday morning, Jean-Claude Marcourt, Walloon Minister of Economy, SMEs, Foreign Trade and New Technologies, all competences directly linked to the event, inaugurated the brand new buildings of the Pôle Image de Liège.

This rather impressive place will house a multitude of companies whose common point is the image: filming, multimedia, production, 3D animation, design, computer graphics, computer graphics, post-production, computer development, sound…
A unique place, therefore, practical and accessible, which will make it much easier to establish the synergies essential to the individual development of the companies concerned and to the collective growth of a whole section of the Walloon audiovisual industry.
Wallimage-Entreprises, now a shareholder of the cluster, will also have an office on site to try to help its partners to develop.