28th Record Session : Wallimage, it's going strong

  • 31.10.2007

We had never seen that before: the Board of Directors of Wallimage delivered 5 promises of investments during its last session of 2007!
Another remarkable fact is that 3 new production companies have joined the club of the Walloon Fund’s partner companies: they are Frakas (Liège) which co-produces with Todo Today (Brussels) Vapors the new film byYves Hanchar, from Dragon Films which successfully re-presented Tony (already approved but re-presented because the cast has greatly evolved) and Iota (Alleur) which co-produces with Need (Brussels) Home byUrsula Meier whose very important special effects are entrusted to Digital Graphics.
Among the “regulars” of Wallimage, the Ateliers de Baere (Namur) in tandem with Entre Chien et Loup (Brussels) launch the production of Quartier lointain ” the 3rd film of Sam Garbarski who, since his debut as a feature film maker, is faithful to Wallimage while Versus (Liège) co-produces with Prime Time (Brussel) Le non-dit by the Flemish filmmaker Fien Troch who, after being selected for the Oscars with Een ander zijn geluk, is making her second film in French.