Scout always

  • 04.05.2021

Coyotes, the new RTBF series, produced by Panache (André Logie) will be broadcasted on RTBF from this Sunday, May 16th.

As a Belgian series, the producers had the opportunity to spend a lot of money in Wallonia with the support and encouragement of Wallimage.
The Walloon companies that had the chance to work on this project are :  


  • BARDAF (lab, sound editing)
  • BUS2BE (conveying and transport)
  • BLACK ROOM (subtitles)
  • COAL STUDIO (lab)
  • CINEMATIC (electro truck)
  • DESSINE-MOI UN SON SPRL (sound recording equipment)
  • EYE LITE LIEGE CORPORATIONS GROUP SA (camera equipment, trucks, sound equipment, lighting equipment)
  • FILM LOCATION GROUP (catering)
  • GERAUD JM (catering)
  • HAGOFUTO (bijoute chief electro)
  • I LOVE WHAT YOU DO (sound equipment and truck)
  • KGS WALLONIA (cranes and machinery equipment)
  • LCF (HMC boxes and electro supplies)
  • LEVEL9SFX (special effects on set and decoration material)
  • MACADAM CAR (HMC boxes)
  • MANU CUISINE (catering)
  • PIXELMONKEYS (cameraman, DOP, machinery equipment)
  • STEREOCHROME (chief op, technical truck, sound equipment,
  • (cameras and consumables, production equipment)

Many technicians also participated in the adventure. Among the postmasters, we note :


  • Samuel Palm to General Manager
  • Elsa Ruhlmann at Sound engineer
  • Luc Thomas to Ingé his post-synchro
  • Eric de Hennin at Production Manager
  • Gunther Schockaert at Chief electrician
  • Ayma Martinez and Raphael Thiry at Chefs constructeurs/déco
  • Thomas Rentier at Cameraman/DOP
  • Gary Seghers at Director technician
  • Lény Andrieux at Chief of sound


At this stage, Coyotes is already a great industrial success which, we hope, will be doubled by an artistic success. At this point, we are like you : we have only seen the promising trailer. And we can’t wait to find out more.