Six stolen masterpieces : Interpol is looking at you for help !

  • 29.08.2012

Broadcast starts on Arte on Monday 3rd September, at 10.55 PM. It will last five weeks. Don’t miss it!

PKA Wanabe, set up in Waterloo and now a member of Emakina Group, developed a virtual platform around The Spiral, the crossmedia political crime series in which the internet population and viewers will have as mission to find the six stolen works of art all over Europe. The site is accessible since 21st August. It is completely up to par with one of the most captivating audiovisual creations this fall. By participating, you and thousands of other detectives will create a true collective work of art: The Spiral.

The Spiral is first and foremost an interactive television series produced by Caviar Films, starring simultaneously all over Europe. The series tells the story of an artists’ community based in Copenhagen, and its charismatic leader. They plot together to steal six of the most prestigious paintings ever possessed by European museums (you can view the trailer HERE ).

The challenge for the internet users will be to find these priceless works on the internet. Several artists will help you solve this challenge through a real artistic treasure hunt.

The cleverest users will be able to win credits by playing a large array of amusing games, switching between real and virtual life. With those credits they will be able to trace the stolen artwork on a dynamic map of Europe.
Everyone can be a winner on this crossmedia adventure : every action will contribute to create “The Spiral”, the most ambitious digital art work ever created. On 28th September, at 9 PM, the Spiral will be revealed to the public, in front of the European Parliament.

To know more, surf to the the dedicated YouTube channel. Arte also made a a blog around this phenomenon. To start the adventure, rush to the site !