TEVIZZ weaves its web with the help of Wallimages Entreprises

  • 30.10.2013

Through BIG DATA technology (allowing to capture and analyze a large number of messages coming from the web), TEVIZZ offers a moderation service to capture and classify all messages – on social networks, web pages or chats – related to a particular show. A set of simple and clear visualizations and dashboards help clients track, in real time, indicators on audience volume or the popularity of certain personalities appearing in a television program.

The solution imagined by TEVIZZ is intended for producers, TV channels, MEDIA groups, brands, advertising agencies or event organizers. They can therefore use the analysis to identify the audience in real time and adapt the content of their message according to the type of audience.

In this context, TEVIZZ has requested financial support from Wallimage Entreprises to ensure the necessary developments and to market its product. Convinced that TEVIZZ’s product is in adequacy with the current needs and has a real potential of return, Wallimage Entreprises thus became shareholder of the structure. Let’s wish TEVIZZ to grow as much as the web !