• 22.10.2019

You know the members of the Wallimage team who identify, analyze and accompany the various financing files that producers submit to the Walloon fund. Once the projects have been selected, this team draws up the agreements and verifies very carefully the expenses made in the Walloon Region.

However, the choice of projects to be co-financed by the Walloon fund is made by the Board of Directors, which meets after each session. He is responsible for defining the company’s overall strategy and ensuring that it is properly implemented.

Under the chairmanship of Jean-Pierre Désiron, the Wallimage Board of Directors is accompanied by a government commissioner, appointed after the appointment of the new Walloon government in October 2019, and an observer from the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

Here is its current composition   :

Jean-Pierre Désiron – President

Violaine Herbaux –  Administrator

Xavier Papier – Director

Alain Tabart –  Director

Virginie Vandeputte – Administrator

Yves Vander Cruysen –  Director

Pauline Bievez – Government Commissioner

Jacques Braggaar – Government Commissioner

Jeanne Brunfaut – FWB Observer