The Hainaut composer Yves Gourmeur signs the soundtrack of an international film

  • 15.03.2019

From its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival to the closing film of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Hummingbird Project has been seen by thousands of spectators at major international festivals (Vancouver, Busan, London – BFI).


This film was not co-financed by Wallimage, but this is no reason not to salute the wonderful performance of the Walloon composer Yves Gourmeur who signs here his second feature film soundtrack, the first for a work with undeniable international potential. He also conducted the recording by a classical orchestra of several other soundtracks that he had not signed.


The icing on the cake, his incredible work on The Hummingbird project has now earned him a nomination for the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards. The winners will be announced on March 31 in Toronto.


For the creation of the soundtrack, Yves Gourmeur and the production company General Score were involved at an early stage of the project: the first tracks were written on the basis of the script, and then developed through work-in-progress sequences and images.


The collaboration with the director Kim Nguyen allowed Yves Gourmeur a necessary freedom which bore its fruits:

“Kim’s wish was to have an elegant music, which gives a particular point of view to the characters and to the narration. Her reactivity to the music sent and my collaboration with General Score, and especially with the supervisor Arnaud Blanpain, allowed me to make the music evolve and mature in an optimal way. The collaboration with Kim was fantastic. Beyond his great skills as a director and his ability to express himself on the emotions he wants to feel in the music, he is also very motivating, because humanly always positive.”


Director Kim Nguyen on the collaboration with Yves Gourmeur:

“Yves took on a demanding challenge and it’s frankly one of my favorite soundtracks in all of my films. It fits so well with the film while giving it elegance and something refined if I may say so. A unique angle!”


You can now listen to the album ‘The Hummingbird Project (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ with original music by Yves Gourmeur, at Filmtrax Ltd on your favorite streaming platform.