The Motion Picture Magrittes

  • 30.09.2010

Even if the Francophone Belgian cinema raffles awards a bit everywhere in the world, if our authors are named as examples, even by well-established directors, this does not always hold true here in the Walloon and Brussels regions. This worrysome paradox has puzzled the professionals in the audiovisual field for a long time.

But that is not a fatality. If the Francophone Belgian public has a biased opinion about its films, it is mainly because the films and the professionals aren’t put in the spotlight often enough. Because they still suffer from a lack of notoriety. This must change!

Rather than sit by and weep, the professional producer and actor associations founded the André Delvaux Academy, named after one of Belgium’s greatest film makers. Its goal? Reach out to all public! Cinema lovers, cinema fanatics, occasional consumers, youngsters, older people, families who all go to cinemas. Or don’t. Everyone. Everywhere.

The Académie’s first event will be Les Magritte du Cinéma or the Motion Picture Magrittes. On 5 February 2011, in the heart of Brussels, these awards will reward films, directors, technicians and professionals of the Belgian 7th Art who will have made 2010. All in all, 18 prizes will be distributed based on the results of the vote among the professionals affiliated with the academy. A public prize wil also be elected by the readers of Ciné-Télé-Revue and a honorary Magritte will be awarded by the members of the André Delvaux Academy’s board of directors.

Of course, this first edition will call for many more to come.

To follow the news about the Magrittes and the Delvaux Academy, you can now turn to their site , a virtual space for professionals but also (especially!) for the large public, which will of course continue to grow over the next few weeks.