The Oscar for Best Foreign Film could go to Illégal

  • 17.09.2010

On the road to the Oscars, being selected by your own country is the first hurdle. Then, the American accredited professionals vote first to compose a short-list (the nominated films), then to decide which one gets the precious statuette. The film representing Belgium has just been chosen and it is a Wallimage co-production.

A few days before its screening as opener for the Namur International Francophone Film Festival, Illégal has been selected.

After receiving the SACD award at Cannes, being a finalist of the European Lux Awards, and following its success at the Angoulême Festival Olivier Masset-Depasse’s second feature, which is produced by Versus, will now fly our flag across the Atlantic.

Ready for Hollywood? One year after The Secret of Kells in the category “Best Animated Film”, a new nomination would be absolutely thrilling for Wallimage.