The winners of the 4th Wallimage Gaming call for projects have been announced!

The Walloon Government has ratified the proposal of the Wallimage Decentralized Coproductions Council.

Last September, at the initiative of our Minister Willy Borsus, Wallimage launched a new call for video game projects.

Based on the analyses of the team and the external experts who make up the jury, the Wallimage Decentralized Co-Production Council proposed investments to the Walloon Government, which ratified them on November 30.

  • 16.01.2024

The winning projects in this second call are :

  • Mega Gum – Golemus, by BVGC studio (€100,000)
  • Enoch: Children of Fate, from studio Evil Pug (€22,000)
  • Game Over: Mission planète Blork, by Emotion Way Company (€60,000)
  • Dice Rogue, by studio eSolu (€100,000)
  • Hello World: a developer story, by Little Big Monkey Studio (€42,500)
  • Hexfire: Echoes of Revenge, from studio Mystale Games (€40,000)
  • Blood Bar Tycoon, from Clever Trickster Studio (€150,000)
  • L’Histoire d’un Roi, by studio Humarka (€60,000)

The aim of these calls for projects is to offer a selective mechanism to support the financing of artistic, educational or entertainment video games presented by independent production companies, with a view to supporting the creation of interactive games accessible on a digital platform (i.e. computer, game console, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

“We have undeniable talent and quality resources in Wallonia. 8 winners, 8 projects and who knows, maybe a future Walloon Game of the Year! That would be fantastic, of course,” enthuses Willy BORSUS.