Tourism and Cinema in Ischia

  • 16.07.2011

History of a region that has replaced its steel and coal with the gold of two palms. It is under this title that Philippe Reynaert, the Director of Wallimage, presented the Walloon success story in terms of international co-productions. His presentation ended with the details of Operation Nothing to Declare and the opening of the Museum of the same name and its impact on the Chimay region. Marc Bossaert, in charge of the Bureau d’Accueil de Tournage Cinéma en Hainaut, impressed the many Italian professionals present at the conference by presenting his remarkable CinéViaggio, photographic montages that superimpose images from a film with photos of its shooting locations, taken by Marc himself. A sort of “post-recording” work that constitutes a formidable invitation to revisit the city that hosted the film.


But the presence of the Belgian delegation was not limited to the Incontri internazionali sul Cineturismo, since in the official competition, festival-goers could discover Hitler in Hollywood, a film by Frédéric Sojcher supported by Wallimage/Bruxellimage. And what’s more, this film won the Best Photography Award, a particularly audacious and gratifying prize, since, let’s remember, HH was shot entirely with a … camera!