TSF takes the Athalys to Brussels

  • 28.02.2010

Investment in digital cameras is always a priority. The development will be focused on the new generation of “single sensor” cameras. The potential ofAthalys will nevertheless be singularly increased by the know-how of TSF in 16 and 35mm cameras. It will also be completed by the lighting specialists with the immediate consequence of the creation of a department for the rental of lighting equipment and generators.
Continuing the investments already made by TSF be in Liege, Athalys will invest in all the ranges of projectors commonly used by professionals

Thanks in particular to Wallimage and the federal Tax-Shelter, French-Belgian co-productions filmed in Belgium are becoming more and more numerous. Hence the interest for TSF to establish itself permanently in the French community in order to benefit from a growth relay oriented towards Belgian producers.
This is what we call a Win-Win transaction!