Wallimage boxed set: 5 DVDs made in Wallonia

  • 09.10.2009

The box contains five pearls made in Wallonia in its original version with English subtitles: Eldorado, one of the decade’s most emblematic feature films in terms of its identity and the interest it generated, as well as Bernard Rapp ‘s Pas Si Grave, which was a milestone in the development of Wallimage ‘s reputation in France. Odette Toulemonde is one of the great commercial successes recorded by the Walloon fund, with scenes filmed in the Carolo region, while La face cachée, less accessible, reveals the intimate side of co-productions, even if, in this case, the cast was impressive to say the least. Finally, Voleurs de chevaux is a Belgian adventure film shot in Wallonia: a unique experience of rare ambition.