Wallimage Creative welcomes you in Cannes

  • 09.05.2016

In this context, NEXT is the platform for innovative entrepreneurs of the Film Market. It is both an exclusive pavilion that brings together the most creative companies in the sector and a conference room with 85 seats that hosts a daily program of round tables, workshops and screenings, entirely dedicated to the future of cinema.

Audience Engagement, Marketing, Global Distribution, Multiple Platforms, Virtual Reality, Digital Business… All these concepts embody the most advanced developments in the film industry. From then on, NEXT will focus on identifying and presenting the new business models implemented and tested by the industry’s most innovative pioneers.

It is within this framework that Wallimage will be active again this year via Wallimage Creative, the most recent division of the Walloon economic fund. Wallimage Creative invests one million euros each year in new media and cross-media platforms along several axes.

On Tuesday, May 17, Wallimage Creative will host a conference called : One million for new media and what is coming next. It will take place from 3 to 5 pm at the NexT coNfereNce room. It will be a showcase of all the new projects supported by Wallimage Creative followed by a presentation of the R/O Institute dedicated to convergent writing and which will soon be launched in Charleroi !

Domenico La Porta (WALLIMAGE CREATIVE), Alain GALLEZ (3D STEREO MEDIA), Kamal Messaoudi (SUNDAY PISTOLS), Gilles Bazelaire (DOGSTUDIO), Julien Lemaire-Piotrowski (CLAP!), Nicolas Monnoyer (BIG BAD WOLF) and Stéphanie Thirion (R/O) will be the speakers of the conference, which will be followed by a cocktail party offered by Wallimage & R/O Institute of  6 to 8 pm at  Pavilion Next

Learn more about the speakers invited by Wallimage :

3D Stereo Media is the European 3D Stereo Forum for Science, Technology and Digital Art. Its eighth edition, which will take place in Liege from December 13 to 15, will once again bring together the leading international experts in the field.

Contact in Cannes: Alain Gallez, administrator, alain@3dstereomedia.eu

Sunday Pistols is a non-profit organization whose goal is the promotion and distribution of audiovisual and cultural works related to Geek culture and new media. This collective has created 2 ” Web TV ” recognized by the C.S.A., films and audiovisual projects, and ” web documentaries “.

Contact at Cannes : Kamal Messaoudi, Communication Director, contact@kamal-messaoudi.com

In love with digital, Dog Studio offers a wide range of services: interactive experiences that stand out, the creation of strong visual identities, the design of innovative websites, the implementation of interactive installations and the creation of connected objects…

Belgian, and proud of it, the studio also collaborates with famous brands all over the world, including Microsoft (Global), The Science Museum (Chicago), Dragone (Macau), Expo Milano 2015 (Milan), B-REEL (New York), DDB (Paris) and are always looking for new international challenges.

Contact at Cannes : Gilles Bazelaire, Director, bichon@dogstudio.be

Clap ! is a consulting agency specialized in new communication experiences. It’s both a traditional marketing office and a laboratory of crazy ideas. Clap ! has for mission to correlate the new expectations of the public and the conception of new innovative projects.

Contact at Cannes : Julien Lemaire-Piotrowski, Associate Director, julien@clap-agency.com

Big Bad Wolf is a brand tech agency : a new type of digital player that combines technological and audiovisual content with an innovative approach to communication and creative strategy.
Contact at Cannes : Nicolas Monnoyer, CEO, n.monnoyer@bigbadwolf.be and  François Cohen-Séat, Producer, françois.cohen-seat@3lp.be