Wallimage Creative.

  • 15.10.2017

After almost 4 years of existence, Wallimage CrossMedia has entered with Wallimage Entreprises in a dynamic comparable to the one started years earlier between Wallimage Coproductions and Wallimage Entreprises. Several service providers supported in CrossMedia projects through audiovisual producers then turned to Wallimage Entreprises, which enabled them to benefit from one of its financing solutions.


Wallimage has identified several lessons from the successive phases of the program between 2011 and 2015:

–                 Innovative AV projects are often risky and carried out by fragile structures.

–                 These projects are rarely based on a traditional economic model; their profitability must be the subject of a creative conceptualization.

–                 It is difficult for Wallimage Entreprises -an entity that finances audiovisual commercial companies as a shareholder or lender- to allow these projects to exist.


In order to optimize the success and the structuring effects of the resulting approach, the conditions of eligibility to the Wallimage Creative permanent support fund are specified in the Regulations which can be downloaded on this page!





Video Games, VR, New Media? 

You are a producer of video games, mixed reality (VR/AR/XR…) or new media? Wallonia has many professionals in the digital and creative industries. 

Whether you are looking for a co-producer or a service provider, Wallimage Creative can help you finance your ambitious project.