Wallimage enterprises co-finances the game Arisen

  • 17.08.2020


Wallimage Entreprises has positioned itself for several years as a financial partner of gaming studios.

The very young studio Maratus is a new example : it obtains 50,000 € from the fund for the production of its first video game, ” ARISEN “, which will be released in 2021.

ARISEN is an adventure game in three acts, designed for PC and Steam and intended for an audience of 16 years and older. In the universe of ARISEN, the tribes of Nomadic Humans and Brown Elves of the southeast coast of the continent of Var’Nagal, decimated and enslaved by the army of the King of Maccialatt, have only a few survivors left. Each player embodies a Nomadic Human, imprisoned on the island of Maccialatt and the only survivor of his own clan. In search of freedom, he/she navigates through the game using his/her emotions.

Wallimage Entreprises appreciated the potential of the game, the quality of the team and the art direction. The storytelling is particularly well done, the graphic identity remarkable, the positioning intelligent and the development possibilities substantial. Carried by a team of passionate scriptwriters, designers and artists, with complementary talents, and who know their market, ” ARISEN ” is a promising project. It will undoubtedly contribute to the long-term consolidation of the Walloon gaming economy, and whatever happens to the happiness of fans of interactive narratives !

In the meantime, the prologue is available for free on Steam via this link : https://tinyurl.com/yxsuh7p5