Wallimage Enterprises invests in mobile applications developer: LINITIX

  • 01.04.2016

Since it’s founding in 2010, LINITIX has created a hundred applications for the iOS and for Android. Back then the company’s apps were developed by other Belgian companies. In 2014, LINITIX expanded to develop its own apps. This gave rise to MOVIST, an application for managing movies. This paying app for IPhone and Ipad has been available on the App Store since March 2014 and was ranked among the TOP 10 Belgian applications by the newspaper “Le soir” in October 2015!

MOVIST is an app for managing your existing film library and a means to explore the films you are interested in seeing. It also includes a feature which helps you discover new films!


For those who are interested in MOVIST, here are the different options the app offers :
• Search for movie descriptions or to add them to your list
• Scan the barcode of a DVD or a Blue Ray to make a movie easier and quicker to find in the future
• Classify the films you have seen, plan to see, owned and plan to own
• Manage, sort and group the films of a list to make them easier to find
• Discover new films using a discover engine
• Find the films associated with another film or an actor
• Grade the films you’ve seen
• Do a check¬in (share on social media)
• Find links to the films you want to purchase on the App Store
• Use MOVIST on your Apple Watch

Two years on, LINITIX welcomes Wallimage Enterprises among its investors. The boosted financial support will allow LINITIX to strengthen their teams, consolidate the existing projects and develop new ideas and products, with a particular focus on its video streaming and audiovisual apps. This collaboration has also led to plans for future development in the field of cinema and tv; such as SERIST, an upcoming app used to keep track of tv series.

While continuing to develop their existing mobile applications, LINITIX strives to enrich its portfolio with new and innovative software – and
Wallimage Enterprise is glad to support their endeavors. We look forward to seeing LINITIX’ new applications soon!