Wallimage Entreprises invests in LINITIX

  • 01.04.2016

Since its creation in 2010, LINITIX is at the origin of a hundred iOS and Android applications developed for third parties in Belgium. In 2014, the company grew and began creating apps for its own account. This is how MOVIST, a movie list management application on iPhone and iPad, was born. This paid application available on the App Store since March 2014, was in the top of the best Belgian apps in the newspaper “Le soir” last October!

This is not surprising when you consider that MOVIST not only offers its user the possibility to manage the movies he owns and has or has not seen, but also to manage the movies he would like to own and discover new ones.


For those interested, here are the many options MOVIST currently offers:
– Search for a movie to add it to one of your lists or simply to get its information
– Scan the barcode of a dvd or blu-ray to find it faster and easier
– Categorize the films seen, to be seen, owned and to be acquired
– Manage, sort and group movies in a list to find them faster
– Discover new films with a discovery engine
– Find movies associated with a film or an actor
– Note the films seen
– Make a check-in (share on social networks)
– Be redirected to the App Store where the desired movie can be purchased directly.
– Using MOVIST on an Apple Watch

Two years later, LINITIX welcomes Wallimage Entreprises in the company’s capital. The support of Wallimage Entreprises will allow LINITIX to strengthen its teams to support the existing services activity and especially to develop the products activity, especially since it is the ideal partner for LINITIX, which already has in its portfolio a handful of applications in the field of VOD and audiovisual.

This collaboration with Wallimage Entreprises will allow LINITIX to develop a range of products in the field of cinema and TV. We can already mention SERIST, which will soon join MOVIST on the App Store, and will soon allow users to track their TV series.

While continuing to serve its clients in the creation of custom mobile applications, LINITIX intends to enrich its portfolio with new innovative apps in line with the apps already developed. We can’t wait to discover them!