Wallimage Enterprises soon to be shareholder of Super Dog and Fishing Cactus

  • 01.06.2016

Bringing together the talents of some 40 digital specialists, Super Dog is a digital creative agency covering all aspects of the digital experience. It is active in digital creation and is positioned on high quality projects. The main characteristic of the studio is its artistic fiber, which is particularly present in most of the projects it handles, and which has earned it numerous awards.

Born on January1, 2015 from the merger of Dog Studio and Superbe, two interactive and innovative companies co-founded by Gilles and Mathieu Bazelaire, Super Dog is now recognized for its creativity and professionalism.

Very active on the local market, the agency is also opening up internationally, with contracts already signed across the Atlantic, clients in nearly 15 countries and more than 25 international awards ! Nominated twice as the agency of the year by theAwwwardsThe same organization awarded her the prize for the website of the year for the creation of the website dedicated to Dragone. But to accelerate its growth and become an international agency (and in particular to intensify its presence in the USA), it needs to strengthen its equity.

Recognizing Super Dog’s strong development potential and the relevance of its strategy, Wallimage Entreprises has decided to support the international ambitions of one of Wallonia’s finest digital agencies. In doing so, it contributes not only to the regional dynamism but also to the global influence of the Walloon digital industry.

A win-win-win investment for SuperDog, for Wallimage Entreprises and for Wallonia !

The Board of Directors also voted in favor of Fishing Cactus, a 22-employee company active in gaming, whose dynamism is admired !


With more than 80 projects delivered for mobile, PC, and console, and about twenty video games and Serious Games projects in progress, Fishing Cactus is a very active company, which has largely proven itself and whose technical engineers’ quality is no longer to be demonstrated.

In order to accelerate the development of current projects and to finance new ones, to deploy its commercial strategy and transnational synergies, and to pursue its R&D approach, the company is organizing a new fundraising, for which it has notably solicited Wallimage Entreprises.

Wallimage Entreprises, which has been following Fishing Cactus since its beginnings and believes in its growth potential in an emerging sector, has decided to give it a helping hand !

These new investments mark an important step for Wallimage Entreprises, and demonstrate once again the audacity of a fund that is constantly looking to the future.