Wallimage further expands its support for TV production

  • 28.09.2016

From now on, encouraged in this sense by its Minister of supervision, Wallimage extends its field of action to what was formerly called “flow” television, meaning game programs, talk shows, entertainment or reality TV. As an economic fund, exploring these territories traditionally neglected by cultural funds seemed to be a matter of course.
Nevertheless, it is with great curiosity that our Board of Directors has analyzed for the first time concepts of programs for which the fund proposes to finance a pilot. And the least we can say is that our directors were not disappointed! They voted their support to 5 extremely varied but all very promising pilot projects!

They are “The Big Family” (WH Media), “Do we have to learn this for the exam?” (Stromboli/De Mensen), “For Men Only” (Snark), “Heads or Tails” (Everlasting) and “Ego” (Medianext). That’s 3 games and 2 talk shows for which RTL and RTBF have already expressed their interest! We are therefore impatiently waiting for the 5 pilots of these programs which will be shot using Walloon service providers before leaving to conquer the world of television!