Wallimage Gaming co-finances four games in production phase

  • 15.07.2022

The 2nd call for Gaming projects, this time dedicated to games in the production phase, closed on May 4 after a rigorous analysis by a jury made up of four members of the Wallimage team and an external jury of four people: Domenico La Porta (independent consultant), Godefroy Vandepoele (independent consultant) as well as Raphaël Ernaelsten and François-Xavier Mélard representing the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquart.

14 projects were received, 11 were found to be eligible. It was an entertainment game but also an educational game. All the projects were dedicated to the different consoles or to the PC. Only one was intended for use in virtual reality.

The Decentralized Co-Production Council that met on Monday, July 4th finally decided to co-finance four games developed by four Walloon companies: Abrakam Entertainment, Fishing Cactus, Badass Mongoose and Rablo Games for a total amount of 764.400€.

As a reminder, four companies received support from Wallimage gaming in a first call for pre-production games, which closed last February: Frosty Froggs, Maracas Studio, Vigo Creative and The Flying Fish had already shared €300,275.

The next call for projects, reserved for games in pre-production or production phase, will close on 07/11. Additional information can be obtained from Sophie Augurelle(soa@wallimage.be), line manager.