Wallimage in Cannes : the pass of three

  • 20.04.2010

All Good Children is in fact the final title of a film adaptation being made under the name of the novel from which it is taken: The Republic of Trees. This book by Sam Taylor, very popular in Great Britain, tells the story of Michael and Louis, two English children aged 11 and 12, who are forced to emigrate to the North of France to live with their aunt, following the suicide of their mother. Disturbed by these upheavals, Michael seeks comfort from Isobel, a young English woman who lives in a nearby castle with her parents and Alex, her youngest child. But Isobel is a rebel and Michael, who is very much in love, follows her in all her excesses. Excesses that will lead the young boy to cross the boundaries of reasonableness, even if it means falling out with his older brother and defying Isobel’s family.

Although All Good Children is her first feature film, Alicia Duffy has already been to Cannes: her second short The Most Beautiful Man in the World was selected in 2003.

As we said at the outset, this feature film has several rather exceptional features. First of all, it is a Belgian-French-Irish co-production, almost in equal parts. The Belgian co-production was handled by Patrick Quinet on behalf ofArtémis . The second is a collaboration between two regional funds, members of Cineregio namely Wallimage, of course, but also the Crrav of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

On the Walloon side, several technicians were involved in the project: Igor Gabriel and Paul Rouschop worked on the film’s decor, Garance Van Rossum(The Rachevski Tango, The Hidden Face, Altiplano) supervised all the make-up… Some companies such as Eye-Lite, 4 Movie, Merveille or CQFD also collaborated in the adventure.

The proof that Wallonia can really exist in a project with a European influence.