Wallimage, total Crossmedia on the Croisette

  • 17.05.2013

For example, the public will have access to a large touch screen fixed on a Wallimage CrossMedia promotional panel with two animations allowing Internet users to send each other photos/videos from the programs: “Jean-Sol Partrisez-Vous” (Écume des Jours) and “Toi aussi parle belge une fois” (Once upon a time).
Two of the beautiful crossmedia success stories supported by Wallimage.

Visitors will also be able to manipulate two iPads fixed to the wall with in one the “Discover Wallonia” contest and in the other “Who’s there?”. The opportunity to make its own surrealist clip

Five demo films are programmed in a loop among an international selection of other case stories. For Wallimage, the chosen successes are Ernest and Celestine, Boule and Bill, Petit Spirou, Écume des jours and Qui est là?