1.5 million euros, nine projects selected : the 92nd session of Wallimage is a success

  • 19.12.2018

We announced at the beginning of the year that Wallimage would only organize four funding sessions in 2018. But on September 27, the Walloon government decided to increase the investment capacity of Wallimage Coproductions to 6.5 million euros. Including for the current year. A fifth session was therefore added, welcomed with enthusiasm by the producers. Thanks to this windfall, the Board of the regional fund was able to invest 1,595,000 euros in nine of the fourteen projects submitted. Once again, the list of chosen films is extremely eclectic with three feature films and one documentary series initiated in Belgium, two animation series and three feature films of international initiative.


It’s confirmed : 2018 marks the return in force of projects initiated in Belgium in the line-up of Wallimage. Four of them are among the winners of this 92nd session.

For the third consecutive time, Wallimage will support an animated feature film produced by nWave Studios. As the name suggests The Son of Bigfoot 2 is the sequel to the film released in 2017 that attracted over 8 million viewers worldwide. And it’s not even the company’s biggest success… Most of the expenses of this new project are related to the Walloon teams working in the studio of the Belgian Ben Stassen and to the sound postproduction which will be done in Wallonia.

Another Belgian director in the spotlight, Christophe Hermans, is until now mainly known for his documentaries (Éclaireurs, for example). With Frakas, he will soon shoot his first long format fiction. The Hive is a film… about women, featuring three young girls and their bipolar mother. The script is lively, incisive, funny and tragic and the cast is promising, with Ludivine Sagnier and Sophie Breyer in the lead. The project will allow 40 Walloon technicians to work together in the Liège region, while the rentals will be done at Eyelite, KGS and ADHOC, the canteen will be provided by Iris, the sound mixing will be done at Dame Blanche, the image editing at Cineregie, and the sound editing at Charbon studio


Better known to the general public, Nabil Ben Yadir is back in business. After The Barons, The March and Dode Hoek, three successes, he tackles a very painful subject : the murder in Liege of a young man, massacred during a whole night by four Animals, simply because he was homosexual. Animals ? Don’t be alarmed. The fault is intentional. It is even the title of the film, taken from a sentence pronounced during the trial of the torturers : ” we are not animals ! “. With a cast largely composed of new faces, 1080 will allow 35 Walloons, including 15 heads of post, to shoot in Liège (flagship city of this session). Rentals will be done at Eye-lite, sound mixing and sound effects at Genval les Dames (another winner of this session), color grading, mastering and some VFX at Mikros, while Ibats Katé will take care of sound editing.


Last project ” majoritaire “, H.A.N., season 2, proposed like the first season by the very active Agent Double, will allow us to dive back into the exciting life of the great animal park. If Sébastien Derave is still in charge of the scripts, he gives up the director’s seat to Xavier Ziomek. For the rest, the initial configuration is renewed with all the postproduction at Genval-les-Dames and Michel Duprez (Rabada) for the original music. With 94% of Belgian spending in Wallonia, this is an emblematic issue for our beloved region.

The Shift also does most of its Belgian spending in Wallonia. Its particularity is that it is supposed to take place in Brussels. A handicap defused by the teams of Wallimage Tournages who did an impressive work of location scouting for Tarantula which manages the whole shooting of this Italian action movie, which promises to be very spectacular : a wounded terrorist, but armed with an explosive belt takes an ambulance hostage. The hunt begins with the objective of preventing the criminal from killing innocent people. Breathtaking ! 52 Walloons, including 12 station managers, will be at work on this hunt, which will be partly filmed in Charleroi and Liège ! TSF Liège and Écoute une fois will manage the technical rentals, Igor Gabriel will take care of the set rentals and the canteen will be provided by Iris.


The other high tension film of the session, a film noir rather than a thriller, will be The Sound of Philadelphia, co-produced here by Gapbusters. Jérémie GuezLukas’ screenwriter, takes the helm of this gangster film that will feature Matthias Schoenaerts caught in Philadelphia between the Italian mafia and the Irish mafia led by his cousin. 30 Walloons, including 15 postmasters, will be hired for this fast-paced shoot, which will take place in the Antwerp region (20 days) and in Philadelphia for the exteriors (4 days).  For rental, Eye Lite and/or TSF as well as KGS will be asked. Nicolas Basseto will be in charge of post-production and all sound work will be done at Genval-les-Dames.


We remain in the genre film with Morsures which, as its title indicates, allows itself a small visit within a community of vampires. But for the most part, the film is more of a ” coming of age ” focusing on the first emotions of two teenage girls as the 60’s come to an end and a revolution is coming. Romain de Saint-Blanquat will direct this first film co-produced in France by Velvet Films. 10 days of shooting out of 25 are planned in Wallonia, 20 people including 8 heads of post will be Walloon, the rental of machinery will be done at KGS, the rental of sound equipment at one two one two, the canteen will be taken care of by Iris, the editing and sound mixing, calibration and mastering will be done at Genval les Dames.


The last two projects that emerged during this session are two animation projects.

Offered by Belga, Coconut the little dragon is intended for the very young. This is a season 2 and if Belgium is only marginally involved, the storyboards and animatic will be done by Waooh ! (1084 man days) while sound post-production, mastering and delivery will be done by Dame Blanche

The last file selected, Grosha and Mr B is co-produced in Belgium by Scope Pictures. This detective comedy for 6/9 years old, will have 52 episodes of 11 minutes. All the animation part of the 52 episodes will be concentrated in Belgium from January 2019, for 12 to 15 months. 26 episodes will be animated at Waooh who will also take care of 20 storyboards, 17 at Dreamwall and 9 in Brussels. For Wallonia, this represents 4030 working days, or 20 full time jobs over a year. These last two files also have an obvious international sales potential.