30th Wallimage Session : for all tastes !

  • 02.05.2008

Faithful to their reputation of eclecticism, the Wallimage administrators have chosen during the 30th (already!) investment session 3 very different projects.
It is Le Petit Nicolas, not the current President of the French Republic but the famous series of stories by Goscinny and Sempé adapted for the big screen by Alain Chabat, who inspired Laurent Tirad for his new feature film. A large part of the shooting will take place in Wallonia!
Fragments of Grace is the new project of Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth, who already made the splendid Khadak. This time it is the Peruvian highlands and … the Abbey of Aulne which will be used as scenery for a scenario which gives pride of place to ecology and spirituality.
And finally Black Jack, a true genre film that takes place during the Battle of the Bulge but that confronts a brave G.I. with strange and enraged creatures…