Wallimage’s 30th investment session: food for everyone!

  • 02.05.2008

The Board of Directors of Wallimage is already known for its eclectic taste, and on this 30th ( !!) investment session their reputation has yet again been confirmed, as they have chosen three very different projects.
First is Le Petit Nicolas (no, not France’s current President), a famous series of stories by Goscinny and Sempé, brought to the big screen by Alain Chabat who inspired Laurent Tirad for his newest feature film, of which a large part of the shoot will take part in Wallonia!
Next is Fragments of Grace, the newest project by Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth, who already made the splendid movie “Khadak”. This time the décor will consist of the Peruvian plateaus and … the Aulne Abbey, for a screenplay centred around ecology and spirituality.
Finally there is Black Jack, a genre movie of which the action takes place during the Battle of the Ardennes, yet confronting a brave G.I. with strange enraged creatures….