Wallonia on the waterside

  • 20.09.2005

Technology of the future set up right next to a mill? This will be the case, when, on September 23rd, the Moulin Numérique, the Digital Mill, opens at Eprave, near Rochefort. Experts agrees that there won’t be time for much water to flow under the paddle wheel before this company is viewed with pride and admiration.

This top-end, highly motivated digital workshop is positioned as a Walloon firm, specialised in post-production services, digital sfx and images for high definition television, television and cinema.
The company was created by Philippe Axell and Els Meyns, who already worked together for Axell Communication. These Belgian pioneers of high-definition television have now joined forces with Wallimage (through Sowalim) in an effort to reach the next level of development, and stake their claim on an area that is still under developed in our region.

This is your chance to discover the work of these digital acrobats before anyone else: from September 27th till September 30th the Digital Mill, set in idyllic surroundings but easy to get to, opens its doors to those interested in futuristic images, professionals and general public alike. You can contact Philippe Axell at 084/38.82.38 or email him at info@moulin-numerique.com. For more information, see the page on our website, or the Mill’s website www.moulin-numerique.com)