Wallonia along the water

  • 20.09.2005

The technology of the future just a stone’s throw from a mill?
This will be the case as of September 23rd since the Moulin Numérique will open its doors in Eprave, near Rochefort. And all experts agree that it will not be long before the waterwheel is spoken of with admiration and pride.

This high-end and very ambitious digital workshop is a Walloon company providing services in post-production, digital special effects and CGI creation for HDTV, television and cinema.
It was created by Philippe Axell and Els Meyns, who had already joined forces in Axell Communication. These two pioneers of HDTV in Belgium have joined forces with Wallimage (via Sowalim) to move up a gear and invest in unused land in our region.
If you want to discover a preview of the work of these digital acrobats, it’s now or never, because from September 27 to 30, the Moulin Numérique, nestled in a bucolic setting (but easy to access) opens its doors to professionals and the general public passionate about futuristic images. You can contact Philippe Axell at 084/38.82.38 or send him an email at info@moulin-numerique.com. For more information, go to our page or to the website of the Mill