Wallywood ? On the tracks of the cinema in Wallonia!

  • 28.02.2019

What do Mandy, Potiche, L’échange des Princesses, Nico 1988 and Raid dingue, Grave, Jeu d’enfants, Good Favour or Les Visiteurs 3 have in common? These are all feature films co-produced by Wallimage, but they were mostly shot, in whole or in part, in Wallonia !
Although, let’s face it, they didn’t have much to do with it initially.


But here it is Cinema is also an industry and thanks to the combined grace of Wallimage and the Tax Shelter, many foreign producers have decided to look for co-producers in Wallonia, hired Walloon technicians, sometimes actors, and carried out a part (often substantial) of their post-production in a region that is much more attractive than some would have us believe.

Because we shoot (a lot) in our country and the coming months will allow us to welcome new films in spades, because, above all, the public is not necessarily aware of this major and recurrent activity, the Walloon government, under the impulse of Minister Jeholet, has decided to carry out two operations that will plunge us into the 7th Art such as it is practiced and manufactured in our regions.


This exploration will first take the form of an innovative and immersive application that anyone can download free of charge to discover the locations where dozens of feature films or series have been shot, not always co-financed by Wallimage by the way. The communication agency Emoticom won the tender for this part of the contract and its young team has been working for many months on the project… Wallywood (what else ?).


This application will be launched in April, just before a weekend of discovery where everyone will be invited to relive a shooting, to discover the backstage by visiting leading audiovisual companies and to participate in the gala screening, throughout Wallonia, of a film entirely made in our country, the wonderful Duelles by Olivier Masset-Depasse with Anne Coesens and Veerle Baetens, a female duo as the cinema too seldom reserves us.

The Brightfish company has imagined this dream weekend which will take place on April 27th and 28th. Six places were chosen as meeting points in all the Walloon provinces.


If you are interested in these events and want to know more about the application, keep an eye on the publications of our press partners… and on this site of course.