Who are the Walloon Gold Providers for 2022?

  • 24.02.2022

Since a few years, some Walloon audiovisual companies working in the field of animation and special effects and which meet very precise conditions can apply to Wallimage to obtain a “Walloon Gold AV Provider” label on an annual basis.

This label is not intended to privilege certain companies at the expense of others, but to facilitate the verification of expenses for certain large structures active in Wallonia. It results in a rationalization of the work for our teams, but also for the producers and the providers themselves.

To obtain this label, companies must have their registered office and main place of business in Wallonia and meet a series of conditions that you will find in our regulations.

After examining the various files submitted this year, Wallimage decided to award the label 2022 to seven companies, which are, in alphabetical order, Benuts, Digital Graphics Dreamwall, K6 Animation, MPC Film (ex-Mikros Liège), Waooh! and Zest Studio.

Two newcomers have replaced two companies that did not apply for renewal of their label, believing (rightly) that they no longer met the criteria.

During one year, the invoices issued by these companies are therefore considered eligible at 100%  without any additional proof being required. This label can be requested again at the end of the calendar year on the basis of the last fiscal year and the current reality.

The spirit of this measure is to make eligible all teams working regularly for labeled companies, without having to justify the duration of the contract or the place of residence. Of course, there is no question of making any technical service provider outside the company’s core business eligible, by billing its activities through this company. It is also necessary that these invoices concern activities EXCLUSIVELY carried out in the Walloon entities of these companies. We will, as usual, pay close attention to this.

The measure, which aims to simplify the administrative tasks of all by leaving more time for each person to work in his or her own areas of expertise, is also there to help ensure the sustainability of structures established in the Walloon Region and which have chosen to develop there.