Winning duo for Wallonia!

  • 07.09.2017

Released in Belgium on August 2nd, “Bigfoot Junior” (Wallimage investment : 280.000€ Walloon spinoffs : 1,5 million €) is still on the bill because it managed to conquer the heart of the young public. In our country it has already reached 145,484 entries. A very good performance confirmed by its start in France: 385,166 spectators in three weeks with, unusually, a spectacular increase of 12% for the last seven days.
The animated feature will be released in China at the end of the month, which is not a real surprise: nWave is probably the only studio in the world whose films have all been released there. In all, 67 countries will accompany the film in their theaters.
“Bigfoot Junior”, signed by Ben Stassen, (a filmmaker, let’s remember, from Herve), will therefore be by far the most profitable Belgian film of the year. A good habit that Wallimage is happy to join. Wallonia’s know-how and spirit of initiative have not finished surprising us!

Underneath its intelligent blockbuster appearance, which also plays the card of technical virtuosity (only one actress for seven roles), “Seven Sisters” (Wallimage investment: €165,000 Walloon spinoffs: €1,890,186) also had the ambition of reaching a large audience. Mission accomplished!
From the first French screenings on Wednesday, it attracted 121,394 spectators. There was no let-up after the first week, since it has already attracted nearly 573,000 fans!
This was enough to satisfy the Nexus Factory teams who co-produced this SF thriller in Belgium. It was released in the United States on Netflix on August 18.
Supported by Wallimage, just like “Bigfoot Junior”, this science-fiction film is full of very successful special effects made by the specialists of Benuts à la Hulpe!