With Wallimage Gaming, make your bets!

  • 13.12.2021

Over the last twenty years, Wallimage has devoted all its time to creating and then boosting an audiovisual industry in Wallonia. Thanks to its action, Walloon technicians and artists, passionate about cinema or series, have found well-paid work without having to go abroad. New production companies were born. The animation and special effects sectors, as well as image and sound postproduction, have benefited greatly from this regional support : many structures have appeared and developed. They are now internationally recognized.

In 2008, to help these new businesses thrive as smoothly as possible, Wallimage Entreprises has been created. In 2014For the first time, this entity is making an investment in a video game studio. Nobody knew it yet, but it was the start of a great adventure. Seven years on, Wallimage Entreprises has supported 13 gaming companies, investing over €3.2  M.

Thirteen! The figures speak for themselves and lead to a logical conclusion : a new industry is developing in Wallonia and, like audiovisual productions, it deserves financial support. This will be the task of Wallimage Gaming!

This new fund aims to support the creation of interactive games for one or more players, accessible on a digital platform such as a computer, a game console, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. 

The projects targeted are of three types :

  • Video games initiated and produced by a Walloon studio
  • Video games initiated by a foreign studio, but co-produced with a Walloon studio and partially manufactured in our region. The expenses considered by Wallimage will be exclusively those realized within the Walloon studio;
  • Video games developed by a foreign studio that does not wish to open up to co-production, but can subcontract part of the production to a Walloon studio or to Walloon technicians/creatives.

Thanks to the help of Wallimage, the net manufacturing costs in Wallonia become competitive at the international level. Here again, Wallimage will consider exclusively the manufacturing expenses made in Wallonia, but will sign with the foreign producer who will have to create at least one branch in Wallonia with an FTE to manage the project.

The objective of this initiative is to position Walloon talent on large-scale international projects.

To be submitted to Wallimage Gaming for financial support, all applications must meet the following eligibility criteria :

  • Check the boxes of a cultural test;
  • Have a minimum of 30 % of funding acquired;
  • To propose a structuring effect on the video game sector in Wallonia.

The viability of the project must also be proven, and the credibility of the production company and its team established.

Wallimage’s maximum investment is €30,000 in pre-production(€100,000 on the realization of a prototype) and €500,000 in production (including any pre-production aid already received).

This investment will represent no more than 50 % of the total project creation budget for an entertainment video game (85 % for an artistic game, 75 % for an educational game).

A new era begins today and the first call for projects of this gaming line is planned for May 4 2022

For more info on how to deposit your work, please visit our page