Magic Loom

  • Hervé Verloes, CEO
  • +32 486 33 13 55
  • Rue Destrée 52
    6001 Charleroi
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Magic Loom is Belgium’s first virtual production studio (equipped with LED screens). It’s also a real-time animation studio.

The studio offers associated services (previsualization + technical services on shoots + motion capture), as well as a professional training center.

Magic Loom has integrated technologies from the world of gaming into audiovisual production, with the real-time game engine enabling a totally innovative approach to filming: it enables the visualization and manipulation of different elements and digital visual effects much earlier in the filming process, so post-production teams can get involved earlier in the filming process, with the added bonus of speeding up and simplifying the work of visual effects artists, directors and cast members.

Magic Loom has moved into Dreamwall’s 800m² facilities. Magic Loom is also Belgium’s largest motion capture studio for the production of animation for video games, audiovisuals and animated films.