Studio L'Equipe Wallonie

  • Guy Manas , CEO
  • +32 2 745 48 00
  • Rue de Genval 24
    1301 Wavre
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Studio l’Equipe has been involved in post-production for image and sound for over 60 years.

The Wavre / Bierges site, just off the freeway, is easy to reach and offers all the services required for the smooth running of image and sound post-production.

The site has ample parking and is set in lush green surroundings.

The concept is to have all the services needed to handle a project, whether it’s cinema, TV or platform, in a single location, with minimum environmental impact.

Studio l’Equipe offers the following services in Wallonia:
– Dailies management
– Assembly rooms
– Mixing studio (Avid S6 console, plug-ins, DCI projector, etc.)
– Film and TV color-grading studio (DCI projection and/or monitor)
– Subtitling
– Digital sound and image laboratory

For aspects not covered in Wallonia (e.g. sound effects), Studio l’Equipe works with Walloon service providers.