• Gaetan Libertiaux, Managing Director
  • +32 81 22 63 03
  • Rue de l’Evêché 10
    5000 Namur
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Superbe is a creative hybrid studio developing interactive and sensitive artistic experiences that bring people into contact with music and games.

Founded in 2011, the studio has from the outset focused on one main preoccupation: creating concepts that put the user’s sensations at the heart of the interactive experience. The project is the brainchild of Gaël Bertrand and Gaëtan Libertiaux, who came straight out of a music group in 2008. Although the first interactive devices they imagined were musical, they quickly experimented with other playgrounds, interactive art becoming their favorite sport. As an instigator of collective or intimate experiences, the studio focuses on creating sensitive experiences, halfway between art and live performance. Central, universal as much as particular in its emotional resonance, intuition is part of a philosophical, technological and artistic approach, always at the service of sensation.


An instigator of both collective and intimate experiences, Superbe is a hybrid creative studio that connects people and technology through interactivity. Sound molecules, electronic components and disoriented photons make up the raw material for installations that are sometimes artistic, sometimes playful.