Ball and Bill

Boule & Bill is above all the story of an extraordinary friendship between a little boy and his dog. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a cocker spaniel like Bill or a turtle like Caroline with whom one can share one’s joys, sorrows, and a whole host of crazy adventures?

In 52 episodes of 12 minutes, all realized in 3D, Dargaud and Belvision intend to give a new life to one of the most popular comics of our heritage.

This new-look incarnation will remain faithful to the values of the comic book, but the character of Boule will nevertheless be modernized to become a little boy who is at ease with himself in the 21st century, determined and autonomous, who forms with Bill and Caroline a trio of friends who will be placed more in the foreground.

Unlike the recent feature film adaptation that was also supported by Wallimage, here the parents will leave more room for the younger generation.

The implementation of this adventure will require 200 days of work during which Dreamwall will employ a full-time team of about 20 people. The Wallimage board of directors was thrilled and did not hesitate to co-finance this project.

Many Belgian, French, but also Swiss, Greek, Irish, Estonian, or Croatian televisions (list of course not exhaustive) will broadcast this series. Discovery expected in late 2015/early 2016.