Bunker Paradise

John Deveau, a thirty-something, disillusioned and sarcastic lifer, does nothing but party. Around him gravitates a band of young, rich and jaded people. Among them, John’s relatives: Laetitia, his official fiancée, David, the devoted “second”, Jay, the supplier of illicit substances. In a completely different universe, Mimmo, a young, handsome and sympathetic comedian, who clings to the dream of being famous. To earn his living, he works at night as a cab driver. One morning, he is called to a villa in the chic suburbs of Brussels. John Deveau opens the door to Mimmo and everything is about to change!

Stefan Liberski is a key player on the Belgian cultural scene, but the release of his first feature film will be a double-edged sword: the success of the film will depend in part on its marketing position. Its exceptional presentation at the opening of the 2005 FIFF is nevertheless a significant asset in generating national enthusiasm. The other strong points of Bunker Paradise, apart from the name of its director, are an attractive cast (Bouli Lanners and Jean-Paul Rouve) and (above all?) a shocking script that divides all those who read it.

25 days of shooting, part of the technical team and the image editing generate a reinvestment rate in Wallonia of 210%, largely higher than the standards and obligations in force. Wallimage was also seduced by the musical collaboration established with the ensemble Mons Musique whose director, Jean-Paul Dessy, will compose the soundtrack, including techno.