Cloclo is the tragic destiny of an icon of French song who died at the age of 39 and who continues to fascinate more than thirty years after his death. Adored star and businessman, stage beast and marketing pro before his time, hit machine and press boss, but also family man and ladies’ man
Cloclo or the portrait of a complex man, multiple, always in a hurry, deeply modern and ready to do anything to be loved.

In 1991, The Doors was released, a hallucinatory biopic directed by Oliver Stone and starring an amazing Val Kilmer. Jim Morrison was alive again before our eyes. In the wake of this success, The Doors returned to the forefront to infect a young audience that had not necessarily heard of them until then. The power of cinema. Since then, the number of films tracing the careers of music stars has multiplied. History will remember Ray, La Môme or Gainsbourg, vie héroïque quite fascinating. Twenty-one years later, for the 24th anniversary of his death, it is Claude François who will irradiate the screens and your imaginations: Cloclo the biopic by Florent Emilio Siri, co-produced by Claude’s sons themselves and transcended by a Jérémie Renier in a state of grace is a shock!