One woman, one child, soon two. Matyas, an orphan and young father, leads the life he was deprived of. When he is summoned to a notary’s office for an inheritance, he learns of his mother’s existence…, and of a twin brother, Thomas.
From then on, Thomas will never stop trying to make up for lost time, while Matyas, who has discovered another self, will try to reconstruct the puzzle of his childhood. The more he sheds light on his past, the darker his future becomes…
Finally, the day Matyas found himself, he may have lost his way.

2nd feature film of the director of Liège origin Harry Cleven represented by the producer Roseanne Van Haesebrouck through VnO, Walloon executive producer.
Several positive elements seduced Wallimage : the intriguing scenario, the casting as well as the creation of a temporary studio (!) in Grez-Doiceau for the Walloon part of the shooting. A beautiful adventure that lasted for nearly 50 days on our land and resulted in a magnificent Grand Prix at the Gerardmer festival. And this, despite the presence, this year, of some big international names such as Saw or One missed call.