In his hands

Claire Gautier, 30 years old, works in an insurance company. At her office, Claire meets Laurent Kessler who has come to consult her. Laurent emanates an ambiguous emotion that touches Claire immediately. They will soon meet again and their relationship will quickly take a more personal turn. Laurent, “a predator of women”, seems, with Claire, to pursue another goal. Claire cannot help but make the connection between her new friend and this “scalpel killer” who has already slit the throats of several women in the region. And when Claire’s best friend is also murdered, her suspicions become unbearable. Against all odds, Claire will not run away from Laurent. She will get closer to him, on the contrary, closer to the secret, to the fear and to the love.

Wallimage and Benoît Poelvoorde, the meeting. Finally!

While the photo of the great Benoît has adorned the site and served the communication of the Walloon regional fund since its creation, the two parties had, until now, never had the opportunity to collaborate on a feature film. It is now done, thanks to the producer Dominique Janne who works on most of Poelvoorde’s films and proposed a co-production with Arena Films (“Pas sur la Bouche” by Alain Resnais, etc.).

The Walloon expenses are mainly borne by the actor, the other contributions being built around a few technicians, the technical equipment as well as the editing, supervised by Dominique Janne.

Despite the likelihood of difficult revenue pickups in Belgium or France, In his hands (ex-The Kangaroos) has enthused Wallimage : if successful, the film could reach the announced target of 1,500,000 admissions in France and ensure good worldwide sales, comparable to those of the film Feelings in which Isabelle Carré, Benoît’s partner on this project, played.
As Benoît Poelvoorde remains, without question, the best ambassador of the Walloon identity in France, the benefit is also guaranteed for Wallimage, in terms of image.

All the more so since, in the service of a formidable screenplay by French director Anne Fontaine(Nettoyage à sec, Nathalie), Benoît Poelvoorde does a complete about-face here and presents himself, for the first time, as a dramatic, interiorized and disturbing actor.