Tuur the shoemaker and his wife Emma are celebrating their wedding anniversary. The family and the whole village celebrate with them. Strangely, Tuur is ‘absent’ and seems bored by this party. The next morning Emma realizes that Tuur has disappeared. He didn’t sleep in ‘his’ bed! Tuur is actually staying at the cabaret of his sister Josée and her friend Odette, a singer…

It is Dominique Janne, usual producer of Benoît Mariage and Benoît Poelvoorde, who proposed to Wallimage to co-produce Confiture, 2nd feature film of the Flemish director Lieven Debrauwer. The film is structured around the same elements that ensured the success of his previous film Pauline et Paulette , which was selected at Cannes, sold 250,000 tickets in Belgium and sold internationally in many territories.
This combination of an author’s eye, a quality interpretation by actors very well known in Flanders and a story for the general public is therefore likely to appeal once again to Flemish and Dutch audiences, but it also benefits from a dubbed version in French. A great experience for the Walloon Fund which co-produces on the other side of the linguistic border!